About Vic Bennett

Vic Bennett's passion for horses and saddles took hold early.  He often says he learned his craft by skipping school ( but only a little!).  Vic began working on chaps and saddles at Cloverbar Saddlery while still in high school and then joined Cloverbar as a full partner in 1966.

Vic was never satisfied with just building any old saddle.  From an early stage in his career he was seeking that magical blend of art and utility.  Vic had the eye of an artist - and honed that skill by studying the beauty in leatherwork produced by master saddlemakers in the industry, such as Don Butler and King Saddles.  Vic also had the advantage of being a skilled horseman himself- and so he knew what felt good and worked on a performance horse.  Vic continues to ride and show reining horses and understands what the western performance rider needs from a saddle.

As Vic built Vic Bennett Saddles, he surrounded himself with horsemen and women who shared his vision.  Vic and his team served the needs of the western performance world in several retail locations for more than 40 years.  As a result of their work, Vic Bennett Saddles has been known for decades for its superior workmanship- a place where gear is hand made with refinement while still retaining substance and form. 

Today, Vic and his two key saddlemakers;  Wayne Chausse and Don Grey,  are focused on creating the custom saddles that have been the foundation of the Vic Bennett name.  Vic continues to produce unique and beautifully designed saddles that are prized by western performance riders. 

Vic and his team continue to offer hard to find details and performance features that are not often found on factory gear. Ask us what we can create for you.