Reining Saddles

Below is a nice example of our Basic Reiner with the addition of a Shell Border to outline the hand stamped basket pattern. The light honey color is enhanced by the dark smooth quilt.

All our performance features are incorporated in our Basic models. This saddle shows our D ring rigging, stitched edges, twisted stirrups and features our laminated wood stirrups.

Our Reiner is a melding of the traditional West Coast Stock saddle enhanced with the design and performance features required by the modern reining competitor.

Our seat puts you as close to the horse vertically as we can manage with a minimum of material separating you from your horse at the low spot of the seat. The rise of the seat is designed to give you the ability to maintain upper body position for stops and spins and to avoid "tipping" forward.  The stirrup leathers and fenders are designed and crafted to provide maximum movement.

Our Custom Reiner (right) can be built with various rigging systems depending on your preference.  The skirts, seat and fenders  are all pre-molded during construction to make the saddle fit and ride properly when you get it.

The saddles come complete with front cinch, 6 sterling silver overlay hand engraved conchos and stirrups. Flank cinch and billets can also be ordered.


When customizing a Vic Bennett Saddles the possibilities are endless. Mixing and matching is the best way to get the saddle of your dreams.  Like this silver detailing but with a different leather pattern?  No Problem! 


Tooling themes are only limited by the imagination of the customer or the saddlemaker.  Saddle decoration has taken the western saddle beyond the realm of equipment and turned it into a work of art


Looking for a bit of extra sparkle for the show or competition arena.  Add a touch of silver to our custom saddles, silver can be placed just about anywhere on a saddle.