Cutting Saddles

Vic Bennett Cutters have enjoyed a prominent position in our cutting horse industry for over 3 decades. We are proud of the acceptance of our saddles and work hard to keep them current and effective in a dynamic industry. We make both padded and hard seat cutters with an endless variety of colors, decoration and trim depending upon our customers wishes.

The challenge of crafting a successful cutting horse saddle is to create a narrow feel in the seat while keeping the rider close to the horse. Our tree selection and design, experienced ground seat construction, skirt shaping and stirrup leather action all contribute to achieving this.

Small things make a big difference in cutters. Low point of the seat, slope of the horn, height of the swell and stirrup length. Professional riders know that VB Cutters fit a wide cross section of modern cutting horses and are designed to show in effectively, are always up to date in appearance and quality.


When customizing a Vic Bennett Saddles the possibilities are endless. Mixing and matching is the best way to get the saddle of your dreams.  Like this silver detailing but with a different leather pattern?  No Problem! 


Tooling themes are only limited by the imagination of the customer or the saddlemaker.  Saddle decoration has taken the western saddle beyond the realm of equipment and turned it into a work of art


Looking for a bit of extra sparkle for the show or competition arena.  Add a touch of silver to our custom saddles, silver can be placed just about anywhere on a saddle.