Cowhorse competition consists of three parts where a horse and rider perform a "reining pattern", "herd work", and "fence work".  Horses are judged on accuracy, timing, and responsiveness, as well as how they handle a single cow and their ability to ride into a herd of cattle and quietly "cut" a cow from the herd.

The Working Cowhorse saddle is highly versatile and must perform well in all three events. The Vic Bennett Cowhorse Saddles  is handmade with the finest materials. Riders are confident in the security and close contact of the seat.    

  • Narrow seat makes for a comfortable, close contact and secure feel
  • Helps the rider maintain a level and centered body position even when performing the most physical maneuvers
  • The seat helps the rider stay centered during high speed fence work
  • Narrow fenders allow for freedom of leg movement, enabling the rider to effectively cue the horse
  • Available with Dee or Adjustable Rig and many other options