All Around Saddles

This saddle is always one of our most popular models!  Whether you’re riding for pleasure, trail riding, doing some ranch work or roping this is the saddle that will serve you well.  The nice shape in the bars ensures that it fits your horse real well so you’re able to put a lot of miles on it. We put a roping horn on it and the saddle is complete with front and back cinch. This saddle should be able to go from horse to horse without any problems and will end up being one of your favourite saddles in years to come.

Order it as plain or as fancy as you’d like.  The basic model is stamped on the swell, cantle and back jockey, comes with 6 buttons and strings and is complete with a Dennis Moreland mohair cinch and a leather flank.  It’s your choice whether it’s light or dark oil and you can add carving, silver, horn wraps or saddle bags – whatever you would like.

For the horseman that does a little bit of everything – this is the best saddle to suit your needs.


When customizing a Vic Bennett Saddles the possibilities are endless. Mixing and matching is the best way to get the saddle of your dreams.  Like this silver detailing but with a different leather pattern?  No Problem! 


Tooling themes are only limited by the imagination of the customer or the saddlemaker.  Saddle decoration has taken the western saddle beyond the realm of equipment and turned it into a work of art


Looking for a bit of extra sparkle for the show or competition arena.  Add a touch of silver to our custom saddles, silver can be placed just about anywhere on a saddle.